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With 41 years of experience.Today’s Kitchens are the Heart of the Home. No wonder Kitchens are the most popular of Eastco’s remodels. The Kitchen restores, nourishes, and comforts us as a gathering place to celebrate the special moments and holidays. It echoes of our heritage and memories of childhood.

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New Kitchen or Remodel?

Tear Down that Wall!

Kitchens aren’t isolated and lonely anymore. They are open and part of daily family life and entertaining. Celebrity Chefs, Food Networks, specialty ingredients, and a world of cuisine at our fingertips have made home cooking an adventure that gives delicious, preservative free food.

A poorly designed kitchen makes delight—drudgery. Lack of work surfaces and storage, out dated appliances, poor traffic flow, lighting, or, just a “dated” look are all good reasons to update.

Eastco’s kitchen questionnaire can assist you with developing your dream kitchen.  “Form Follows Function”, so consider frequency and amounts and types of food produced, and whether the kitchen is also a casual dining area, homework area, or even a gathering spot for entertaining. If “cooking” means ordering out and putting on plates, a multi-station, semi-professional kitchen is overkill.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Budgets matter, and some parameters are easier to change than others, yet give new life with an updated look upgrading what is already there. Smaller kitchen remodels add value with one of the highest ROI’s as the Cost/Value Report shows.

Changing visually Countertops ranges in price from economical, but not heat resistant, laminate tops(some are gorgeous) … to budget busting Queen of the Kitchen, Granite which is tough and beautiful.

Other options, each with their charm and benefits, include: Butcher Block, Soapstone, Quartz, Marble, Tile, Stainless Steel, Poured Concrete, Epoxy, Recycled Glass, Neolith, etc..

Another easy win is updating Cabinets (another visually dominant surface) with new doors ( beaded glass door are popular), facings, or even a color change (white dominates, but a lower/darker color with a lighter/upper color are making a splash).

Adding Natural Light with a window or solar tube can brighten the mood–as can new fixtures.A striking feature such as a basin sink, accent tiles, or flooring could do wonders.

Major Kitchen Remodel

A major kitchen remodel usually means changing the kitchen layout which tend to be structural changes — perhaps room additions, a wall removed or a “bump out” of an exterior wall to realize the Dream. New Flooring, plumbing, cabinetry, electrical, or new appliances may be involved.

Some homes, have a kitchen separated from common area, or, are “One Butt Kitchens”-too small for two people to work. Smart design can do wonders, but sometimes a few extra feet makes all the difference.

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